Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome to Sports and Music Weekly!


This is a new blog that will do exactly what it suggests, have multiple weekly post about news and opinions in sports and music. The goal of this blog is to share my love and knowledge in both of these fields with the public. Feed back on the blog would be wonderful to hear the thoughts of all who read this and critiques are also welcome.

As far as the Sports end of this blog is concerned, the focus will mostly be in the areas of American Football (NFL and NCAA). That doesn't mean other sports will not be covered and discussed. Heavily discussed topics within American Football will be NFL teams, their owners and GMs (general managers), players within the NFL and NCAA, the NFL draft, rule changes, uniform technology advancement, and more.

On the Music side all facets will be discussed, though my personal strengths are in theory and composition, pop punk music, metal/hard rock music, bass performance, and percussion. Other topics of discussion will include ideas such as; album releases, artist and band relations, reviews of performances and albums, and much more.

Feel free to make request on future article and topics you would enjoy reading about!


Zakk Cintron

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